We are extremely proud of the success Tracey, Ravenwood Tricks of the Trade CDX, MX, AXJ, RD, PAC, CGC TDInc has had in the agility ring. She was the #1 novice agility Dal in 1997 in the Front and Finish rankings. She is now retired from competition but still enjoys her public education and therapy visits.

Agility is an exciting, fun sport for the dog, the handler, and the spectators. I have some articles about what to expect from agility classes that were written for the Dalmatian Club of America magazine, The Spotter. I teach agility classes for beginners through advanced. In August 2000, I attended the AKC agility judge workshop which was very challenging and am proud to say I passed. I did my A match just a few weeks later. I am now an agility judge and have enjoyed assignments all over the country. It is really exciting to see how enthusiastic people are about agility.

Tracey on the teeter at Susquenango.

Tracey shows some nice form through the weave poles at Susquenango.

Abby emerges from the tunnel at Susquenango.

Not to be outdone by Tracey, Newley decided he would like to try his hand (or should I say paw) at agility. After les than a month's training, he completed his novice jumpers title just a week short of his 12th birthday to become CH Ravenwood Stop The World CDX NAJ CGC TDInc VCCX. Here are a few pictures that show his excellent form and outstanding athletic ability.  Newley went to the Rainbow Bridge in February of 2003 at 15+ years of age and he is dearly missed.


Ravenwood Inside Trader CD NA NAJ CGC enjoyed his stint in agility but is now in training for open obedience as he prefers the well-mannered dogs at obedience trials to some of the high drive, in-your-face dogs he has met in agility.    
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   Ravenwood Breaking the Rules OA OAJ CGC TDInc is currently competing in excellent standard and jumpers. Kari is a lot of fun to run.
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