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   MACH Romy  Romy finished her MACH on 5/15/09 and only a month later we lost her to acute myeloid leukemia. It was a devastating loss. If you want to fight canine cancer, consider making a donation to the fund we have set up in her memory.

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A book about the Dalmatian by Kathy McCoubrey (Ravenwood Dalmatians) with wonderful illustrations by Carla Baker (A to Z Dalmatians) can now be ordered from. Alpine Publications.
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Ravenwood Dalmatians has over 30 years experience in the breeding, training,and exhibiting of top quality dogs in conformation, rally, obedience,
agility, road trials, public education, tracking, freestyle, and therapy work. This website was developed not just to showcase our dogs but because we are very concerned about the large number of homeless Dalmatians showing up in shelters, pounds, and rescue groups. We want to provide as much information about the Dalmatian breed as possible to educate the public BEFORE acquiring a Dalmatian so we offer Dalmatians.US (formerly the Dalmatian Information Station) a site that has complete information on the Dalmatian breed, breeding, training, natural diet, and much more.

We have no plans for a litter any time soon.If you are looking for referral to a reputable breeder contact referrals@thedca.org. Please do not ask us for a referral.

If you are a new visitor please go to the Table of Contents to see everything that is available on this site. If you are a repeat visitor go to What's New to see what we've added since your last visit. Also check out the page for PDF downloads of public education materials.

We are members of :
Warrenton Kennel Club
Dalmatian Club of America
Dalmatian Club of America Rescue Education (Donations are tax-deductible. Visit the website for full information and please donate to help save lives.)
Dalmatian Club of America Foundation
Therapy Dogs Incorporated
World Canine Freestyle Organization

We offer all breed agility and obedience training as well as behavior modification programs through A Dog's Life Training.

If you have questions about the breed please send us an email. We are on dial up so please do not send pictures or attachments unless requested. If you are looking for referral to a reputable breeder contact referrals@thedca.org or visit the Dalmatian Club of America website. If you are looking to adopt a rescue Dalmatian contactdcare@thedca.org or get more information on the Dalmatian Club of America Rescue Education website.

2010 NEWS

2009 DCA Top Spot Agility Awards
Romy - #5 Excellent B Standard, #4 Excellent B JWW, #6 Top Spot Standard, #7 Top Spot JWW

Nori -
#4 Novice Standard, #4 Novice JWW,
#2 Open Standard, #1 Open JWW


Nori completed her MXJ on March 14th.


Nori completed her AX on April 9th.


Jamie completed his OF on July 24th.


Nori completed her XF on August 27th.


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