BAER bilateral,
CERF (no evidence of ISD), OFA hips and elbows, 
CHIC #53363
DOB: 3/29/06


Nori, pictured at 1 year, is the show puppy we chose to keep from the Newley x Romy litter. I asked Romy to make a duplicate of herself for me and it looks like she did. Nori is absolutely gorgeous, incredibly smart, eager to please, and extremely sweet and mellow....yep, just like Romy. Bilateral, OFA hips and elbows, CERF (no ISD).

Career highlights:

  • RN and RA and first AKC points in 2007
  • RE, NA, NAJ, OA, OAJ in 2008
  • So far in 2009...NF, AXJ, U-CH, U-RO1, U-CD


Nori 8/04/09


Sire: CH Ravenwood Stop The World CDX, NAJ, CGC, TDInc, VCCX

OFA, CERF (free of ISD), BAER Bilateral
      AM BAH CH Ravenwood Yankee Clipper CDX, BAH CD      AM BAH CH Ravenwood China Clipper CDX, BAH CD
   Cardhill's Dandie Lion
       AM BAH CH Ravenwood Sign of the Times CD, BAH CD (L)   AM BRAZ CH Vicor of the Ebony Spots (L)
   CH Ravenwood Polished Pebbles UD
              Dam:  MACH U-CH U-CD RavenwoodMnmntl Foreign Rule CD, RE, MX, MXJ, XF, W-FD/MF, TT, CGC, TDInc (L)

OFA (hips, elbows, thyroid), CERF (free of ISD), BAER Bilateral, CHIC
      U-CH U-CD U-RO1 Gwynmor Power Point CD, TD, RE, OA, AXJ, NF, VCD1, W-FD/MF, TT, CGC, TDInc

OFA (hips and elbows), CERF (free of ISD), BAER Bilateral, CHIC
   INT NL LUX BEL NORD FIN DAN CH Spotnik's Special Selection

(Multi BIS, multi BISS, Multi Group Winner, NL Dog of the Year 2000)

   NL CH Gwynmor Lili Mai (L)
     CT  CAN CH, U-CH, INT'L CH, Monumental Moment at Ravenwd RE TT CGC TDInc
(First Dalmatian to earn a VST and CT)

OFA, CERF (free of ISD), BAER Bilateral
   Ravenwood If I Ruled The World CGC, TDInc
   Jalyse April at Ravenwood CGC, TDInc (L)

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