I believe strongly that public education is the answer to the problem of homeless dogs and that it can go a long way to prevent dog bites and irresponsible ownership. I am an AKC Canine Ambassador, a member of and an evaluator for Therapy Dogs Incorporated, and am a member of and an evaluator for the Pet Therapy Program at Fauquier Hospital. The Fauquier Hospital therapy dog team is made up of some absolutely wonderful dogs that are bombproof in any situation and I am proud that Jamie and Romy are part of it. Tracey and Kari were also a part of it but have now retired. We get an opportunity to participate in other activities besides hospital visits and I am thrilled that Jamie and Romy serve as Dalmatian goodwill ambassadors although it saddens me when people comment that it seems unusual to see Dalmatians with such flawless temperament and such model behavior. I know there are many Dals out there with lovely temperament and excellent manners. I hope more Dal owners will participate in activities that get ther dogs out in public(the general public not just dog shows) and show people what a wonderful breed this is. Here are some pictures of Jamie and Romy at various activities:

Hospital calendar photo 
 Romy (on fender), Jamie (left), and Tracey are the April photo for the Therapy Dogs of Fauquier Hospital calendar for 2005. The calendar is a fundraiser for the hospital auxiliary. Copies are available at $5 each plus postage. Contact me for ordering information.

 romy and fireman  romy on fire truck
 jamie on back of fire truck  jamie and fire equipment
 Romy (top row) and Jamie (second row) at a drill with the Flint Hill Volunteer Fire Department.

 WVFD Open House 1  WVFD Open House 2
 WVFD Open House 3  Jamie and Romy at an Open House at the Warrenton Volunteer Fire department which featured a helicopter as a special attraction.

Jamie and 'cat'  Jamie is very good with cats. Jamie and alien
We have always said Jamie would probably even greet aliens and the picture shows him doing just that.
 Jamie with other 'Dals' and Cruella
Can you find the real Dalmatian? Jamie with a couple of other "Dals" and Cruella.
 Jamie at the Warrenton Halloween Parade 10/30/2004. He was really in his element getting to meet and greet several hundred children.
(NOTE: Please don't tell Romy that Jamie got to do this. She would be very disappointed as she was in season and couldn't go.)

Check back as they are always doing new things.

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