Competing in a road trial was something I have wanted to do since they were first introduced by DCA and I finally got my chance in June of 2000. Click here to read all about it.

So many things have interfered with subsequent opportunities for competition but this fall I have begun working both Jamie and Romy with Techie and we have high hopes for 2004. I am going to try to chronicle our training as we go so check back to see what kind of progress we are making.

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 {short description of image}  Here is Jamie doing some work with Techie. Notice (above) that he likes to get rewarded. I am absolutely thrilled with how well Techie has worked out. He is incredibly patient with the dogs (even when they rest their feet on his shoulder to get a treat) and is an absolute joy to ride.

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 Romy has always shown a great affinity for the horses. She and Techie will often share a kiss through the fence. Romy is just a year old so she will be brought along slowly.

While Tana Rugg was visiting in September we got a chance to try her boy, Jordi (Romy's brother), with a horse. Jordi hasn't been raised around horses but he took to it immediately.    
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Here Peggy Van Hal (our friend from the NL) walks alongside Techie with Jordi on lead during his first time with a horse.
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Jordi was very relaxed so Peggy passed the lead up to me but stayed alongside if needed. Eventually Peggy faded back and Jordi happily continued on with Techie.

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