Introducing SOURCE CODE

Techie   techie
Source Code, affectionately known as "Techie", is the newest addition to the Ravenwood family. He joined us just a few days before Christmas 2002. Techie is a bay, 16:2 hand, TB gelding. He has a wonderful personality and I am looking forward to having a lot of fun with him.

After an interminable winter, an unusually wet spring, and a twisted knee (mine not Tech's), I finally gotback into working with Tech by the summer of 2003. The weather was still not cooperating as we were having far too much rain. Here are some more picture of Tech:

{Tech-6/05/03}   {Tech - 6/05/03}

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Here is "Tracey" CDX MX AXJ RD PAC CGC TDInc helping Tech learn about a dog working close to his legs. He was wonderful. Tracey is a good teacher.

Check back as we will be adding many more pictures of him as he starts road trial training with Romy and Jamie.

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