We are pleased to have you visit our home page. My name is Kathy McCoubrey and I would like to tell you a little about us. Ravenwood is our kennel name, that is, the name we use to identify dogs that come from our breeding program. We do not have a kennel. In fact, our dogs seem to spend a great deal of time on the sofa. We show our Dalmatians in conformation, obedience, agility, and road trials. Recently we began to train for tracking. We also do therapy work and a lot of public education.

It is always fulfilling to see a promising puppy...

grow into an outstanding adult!

CH Ravenwood A Different World CD CGC TDInc

Some might say we became involved with Dalmatians accidentally. I prefer to think it was fate. Our German Shepherd had some how managed to escape through three sets of fences and I went to the shelter looking for him. While I was there I saw an adorable liver and white Dalmatian who was obviously unhappy about her situation. I was actively showing hunters at the time and some of the horse people had Dals. I decided to adopt her and see if I could find her a good home. After having her with us for about 5 minutes, I knew she was going to stay with us. I enrolled her in obedience classes and she was a star student. My instructor encouraged me to apply for an ILP number and show her in obedience. My rescue dog became Ravenwood Tammi, UD. Even though she was spayed, I still think of her as the foundation for Ravenwood. It was because of her we decided to spend our lives with these wonderful dogs.

Ravenwood Tammi UD

CH Atlantis Conquestador CDX AD

Group Winner AM BAH CH Ravenwood Yankee Clipper AM CDX BAH CD

When I decided to get into the conformation ring, I purchased a young male and started showing him in conformation and obedience. In fact, this dog finished his championship and his CDX the same day. He was CH Atlantis Conquestador, CDX, AD and he is found in the pedigree of every Ravenwood Dalmatian. Monte, as he was known to his friends, produced many well-known dogs including CH Ravenwood Knight Games CD, AM/BAH CH Ravenwood China Clipper  AM CDX  BAH CD, CH Ravenwood Polished Pebbles UD, and specialty winner CH Random Jazz From A To Z. He was the grandfather (China Clipper was the sire) of our group winning AM/BAH CH Ravenwood Yankee Clipper AM CDX BAH CD. I see many of Monte's characteristic in his linebred great grandson, CH Ravenwood Stop The World CDX NAJ CGC TDInc VCCX, known to his friends as Newley, who completed his novice jumpers agility title just a few days before his 12th birthday. Newley's sister Ravenwood Tricks of the Trade CDX MX AXJ RD PAC CGC TDInc, although not shown in conformation, is one of the breed's finest ambassadors through her work as a therapy dog in nursing homes. His daughter CH Ravenwood A Different World CD CGC TDInc, delights everyone with her sparkling personality and spectacular movement.

At Ravenwood, we believe in soundness, both physical and mental. It doesn't matter how beautiful a dog is if he cannot move well or if he has poor temperament. Dalmatians are active but they should not be hyperactive. They should be confident, never shy or aggressive. Historically, their purpose was to accompany carriages. It is important that present-day Dalmatians have the proper structure to carry out this purpose. Although spotting is undoubtedly the most recognized feature of the Dalmatian, we feel that too much emphasis is being put on cosmetics and not enough on structure. We compete in several areas and are out in public with our dogs frequently so we try to breed for trainability. We want our dogs to be intelligent and to have a real desire to please. This type of temperament is ideal for a show dog and is an absolute necessity for a family pet. We applaud the breeders who strive to show the versatility of the breed.

Ravenwood Tricks of the Trade CDX MX AXJ RD CGC TDInc RD on her way to a 1st place in novice agility.

             We firmly believe in health clearances. All dogs used in our breeding program are BAER hearing tested,OFA certified, have CERF eye clearance, are normal thyroid, and have no history of stone-forming. Hip dysplasia does not seem to be much of a problem with Dalmatians but reputable breeders OFA their dogs to be sure it will never become a problem. Eye problems, appear to be all but nonexistent but, again, it is important to check eyes to be sure. Hypothyroidism is on the rise in many breeds to the extent that it is one of the diseases first targeted for research by the American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation. The uric acid anomaly exists in Dalmatians, therefore it is important to be sure stone-formers are never bred.

CH Ravenwood Stop The World CDX NAJ CGC TDInc VCCX


Newley epitomized the versatility of the Dalmatian.

All Ravenwood puppies are fully guaranteed against inherited health problems. Pet puppies are sold only on spay/neuter contracts. Upon proof of spay/neuter by 10 months of age, Limited Registration papers are provided. Show puppies are sold on condition they are shown to their championship and obtain all applicable health clearances before being bred. All puppies are BAER tested and Puppy Aptitude Tested before sale/placement. No puppies are sold for the sole purpose of breeding. We are always happy to try to help motivated novices and juniors get a good start in Dalmatians. We do not even breed one litter a year so it is usually necessary to wait for a puppy. We screen prospective buyers carefully. One buyer told us that getting one of our puppies was very similar to adopting their child.

In May of 2002 I went to the Netherlands and brought back Gwynmor Power Point (Jamie), an 11 month old son of CH Spotnik's Special Selection (Selwyn). Selwyn is one of the winningest Dalmatians in the history of the breed in Europe but more than that he is a lovely dog with a wonderful personality. Jamie will begin his show career in the spring of 2003. He has sired one litter out of U-CH Monumental Moment at Ravenwd TD CGC TDInc and we were thrilled with the puppies. We have a gorgeous liver girl, RavenwoodMnmntl Foreign Rule (Romy), out of this breeding. Why did we go to Europe when there are so many CH males in this country? We feel the breed is suffering from popular stud dog syndrome. That is, a few top winning dogs have been used at stud so much that the gene pool is becoming limited. Jamie gave us the opportunity to bring in a totally new gene pool that reflects a concern for health, temperament, and superb structure and movement. He is a fitting addition to Ravenwood.

  All stud service is by private treaty. We require health clearances, successful show record, and proof of temperament on incoming bitches. Because of this we are always pleased to refer prospective buyers to litters sired by one of our "boys".

    In our attempt to raise our dogs in the best way possible, we feed a natural diet. We use both allopathic and homeopathic veterinary care. We are convinced grain-based commercial foods are at fault for at least some of the increased incidence of certain health problems in the modern day dog.     

   We are members of the Dalmatian Club of America, the Warrenton Kennel Club, and were founding members of the Mid-Florida Dalmatian Club and the Greater Denver Dalmatian Club. I am endorsed as an instructor by the National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors, am a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, and am a Tester/Observer for Therapy Dogs, Inc. . I  serve as chairperson for the Dalmatian Club of America Rescue Education Committee and am a member of the Study Group for Urinary Stones. My new book about the Dalmatian available from Alpine Publications.

      Ravenwood Dalmatians is pleased to offer Dalmatians.US (formerly the Dalmatian Information Station) a site with information about all aspects of Dalmatian ownership. Dalmatians.US is constantly updated with new items of interest. Please take a look.

     We are always pleased to answer your questions about Dalmatians, in general, and about Ravenwood Dalmatians, in particular. Should you wish to contact us, you may do so by:


(540) 349-9265



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