Ravenwood Puppies

On March 29, 2006 U-CH U-CD RavenwoodMnmntl Foreign Rule RE, OA, NAJ, TT, CGC, TDInc (Romy) whelped 11 puppies (6M (3 black, 3 liver), 5F (3 black, 2 liver)) from a frozen semen breeding to CH Ravenwood Stop The World CDX NAJ CGC VCCX TDInc (Newley). This breeding should produce healthy, athletic, typey, intelligent puppies with flawless temperament, a strong work ethic, and the ability to excel in any endeavor. Preference will be given to homes that will do something with the puppy...performance events, therapy, etc. Futurity nominated for 2007.

 Romy and pups 4-02-06  Romy and pups 4-4-06
 Romy and pups pictured 4-02-06.  Romy and pups 4-04-06.

Puppy Pictures

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Week 5 New Adventures

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CH Ravenwood Stop The World CDX NAJ CGC TDInc VCCX
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U-CH U-CD RavenwoodMnmntl Foreign Rule RE OA NAJ TT CGC TDInc

Puppy Pedigree

Sire: CH Ravenwood Stop The World CDX, NAJ, CGC, TDInc, VCCX

OFA, CERF, BAER Bilateral
      AM BAH CH Ravenwood Yankee Clipper CDX, BAH CD      AM BAH CH Ravenwood China Clipper CDX, BAH CD
   Cardhill's Dandie Lion
       AM BAH CH Ravenwood Sign of the Times CD, BAH CD (L)   AM BRAZ CH Vicor of the Ebony Spots (L)
   CH Ravenwood Polished Pebbles UD
              Dam:  U-CH U-CD RavenwoodMnmntl Foreign Rule RE, OA, NAJ, TT, CGC, TDInc (L)

OFA (hips, elbows, thyroid), CERF (free of ISD), BAER Bilateral, CHIC
      U-CH U-CD Gwynmor Power Point TD, RE, TT, CGC, TDInc

OFA (hips and elbows), CERF (free of ISD), BAER Bilateral, CHIC
   INT NL LUX BEL NORD FIN DAN CH Spotnik's Special Selection

(Multi BIS, multi BISS, Multi Group Winner, NL Dog of the Year 2000)

   NL CH Gwynmor Lili Mai (L)
     CT  CAN CH, U-CH, INT'L CH, Monumental Moment at Ravenwd RN TT CGC TDInc
(First dalmatian to earn a VST and CT)

OFA, CERF (free of ISD), BAER Bilateral
   Ravenwood If I Ruled The World CGC, TDInc
   Jalyse April at Ravenwood CGC, TDInc (L)

We encourage prospective Dalmatian puppy buyers to insist on all applicable clearances...bilateral hearing, OFA hips and elbows, CERF including test for iris hypoplasia, normal thyroid, and no evidence of allergies or stone-forming. It goes without saying that you should also insist on flawless temperament for the parents of any puppy purchased from any breeder.

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